get the most out of your service

Here are some important pre and post appointment tips to make sure you get the most out of your eyelash extensions and lash lifts + tints.


  • Come with freshly washed hair.

  • Come with no makeup. If needed, show up five minutes prior to your appointment and use our LashWash or makeup wipes.

  • Avoid caffeine consumption if you get the shakes.

  • Turn phone on silent.


  • Avoid all types of moisture for 24 hours especially for Lash Lifts and Tints. The solution requires the full 24 hour window to set properly and last.

  • Don’t pick, pull, or rub.

  • Stay away from anything oil-based, and pencil eyeliners.

  • Wash and brush your lashes daily.

  • Pre-book your appointments to avoid disappointment.